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Microcontroller Projects for Students


Microcontroller Applications that you will love to make

What is this about ?

The Current Directory contains some of the Microcontroller Projects that are made on Atmel 8-bit RISC devices. Since 2002 we have made over 300 designs and published 40 of the most Interesting designs in Embedded For You Magazine.

Some these designs are conceptualized form of Embedded Applications that we see our day-to-day life. like Automatic Voltage Stabilizers , Hot Water Controller, Water Tank Controller, Solar Battery Charger , Auto Tap controller , Automatic Curtain Controller and more..

Some of the following Microcontroller Projects designs are now converted to open source projects and uploaded to GIT hub repository as is..

  1. Music MIMIC - 5 X 5 LED matrix with Music Karaoke device

  2. Mechatronics Trainer - Arduino MotorSheild with PS2 mouse/kbd and Sensors like IR, LDR and Temp.

  3. Capsense - For prototyping Capsense PCB for touch button applications with AC Power Control Circuitr.

  4. Universal Remote Controller -IR Transmitter and Receiver with 4x4 Keypad ,LCD and RS232.

  5. Voltage Stabilize

View our GIt page for manual and Source code for projects.

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