Pulse Generator

PG - 10

Pulse Generator PG-10 is a useful test instrument capable of generating pulse train with square output waveform with Duty Cycle 50% at any required frequency, in switched decade sub-ranges. The Pulse Generator has output banana sockets; and a maximum wave output of 100mV to 10 volts peak to peak approx, which may be adjusted by a amplitude control potentiometer. The frequency of the signal source is set on a dial (1 to 11), along with a multiplier range switch (x1, x10, x100, x1K, x10K, x100K).
The model provides an ideal signal source for testing of servo and vibrating systems, medical and geophysical equipment, audio amplifiers, transducer circuits, filter circuits etc. The Pulse Generator uses high performance low drift circuitry to ensure low distortion and frequency stability. The entire circuit is laid on high quality printed circuit board, which is epoxy masked and component numbers are marked on it, for easy maintenance and servicing.
Frequency range    :   2Hz to more than 500KHz in six decade ranges.
Wave forms        
:   Square waveform with Duty Cycle 50% approx.
Output amplitude  
:   100mV - 10V peak to peak variable.
Power Supply      
:   220volts /50Hz , ± 10%.
:   Connecting lead with Banana plug and crocodile.



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