Optical Pyrometer Trainer

High Temperature Measurement

A pyrometer is non contacting device intercepting and measuring thermal radiation emitted from an object to determine surface temperature. This is also known as radiation thermometer.
A pyrometer / radiation thermometer consists of an optical system and detector. The optical system focuses the energy emitted by an object into the detector. The output of the detector is proportional to the amount of energy radiated by the target object and response of the detector to the specific radiation wave length. The output is used to inter the object temperature.
  • High temperature source.
  • Independent Heating Chamber.
  • Built-in Thermocouple sensor Trainer.
  • Controlled using controller.
  • 16x2 digital Alphanumeric LCD to display ambient temperature and temperature of the high Temp. Source.
  • Built-in memory to hold the experimental data.
  • Keypad is Provided.
  • Maximum Temperature tested up to 338
  • Detailed operating manual.
  • Propulsion Testing pyrometer are used to monitor the reaction temperature of a structure at critical locations while propellant is being consumed remotely using a non - contact type measurement.
  • Specific applications include measuring temperature at points which are not easily accessible.
  • In the steel industry to measure the temperature of the molten iron in casting channels and pour streams during continuous and non continuous casting.



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